Top 10 Scary Sleep Paralysis Demons

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Top 10 Scary Sleep Paralysis Demons
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You’ve probably heard of sleep paralysis, because it just sounds like the most fun. If you don’t know what I’m talking about its when you get stuck in a paralyzed state, sort of half awake and half sleeping. And usually when people are stuck like this they will extremely stressed and have horrific hallucinations. If your just learning about this, well now you know that even sleeping is dangerous. You could be aiming for a nice power nap and it could turn into visions of a gargoyle kissing your forehead. And because our minds are so powerful there any of us can whip up some pretty unique sleep paralysis hallucinations and that is why I’m bringing you today’s list of top 10 scary Sleep Paralysis Demons. I don’t even think we need scary in the title, Were not going to do a list of top 10 agreeable sleep paralysis demons.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Sleep Paralysis Demons

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    1. The story starts off while I’m sleeping I think I was I having sleep paralysis I said I came in my grandmas room because I was scared got into her bed 20 to 30 minutes past I fell sleep but then it was like almost I woke up but not woke up I was restrained can move you make is I was restrained then I start hearing demonic chanting I tried to scream for help I couldn’t I saw a strange black shadow at the end of my bed Then out of nowhere Grandma came in and said I don’t love you anymore I hate your guts I wish you were dead I tried to say but Grandma I love you but I couldn’t say nothing. Then my other grandma came in with her son her son spit on me and walked away at this point I was tearing up but couldn’t say nothing I was screaming but no noise came out my mouth demonic voice join us and help me destroy war kill your grandparents kill your brother I couldn’t say Nothing still couldn’t move more daemonic chants and woke up with blood all over me and had a big gash on my head and cut on my are still visible so went to my grandma still traumatize can’t say nothing my grandma came to me a everything is going to be all right and I went the bathroom washed the blood off and went back to bed
      I was only 11

  2. I’ve only had sleep paralysis once and when I did I saw a nun and she turned into smoke and flew into my mouth and I was able to roll over on the floor and wake up

  3. Ivw had sleep paralysis twice. I’ve never seen anything but the sounds…gives me shivers even now 2 years later. Sounded like demons from hell screaming

  4. Greetings “MostAmazingTop10” team, here’s a list of urban legends i dare you guys to check out.

    1. Lydia the phantom hitchhiker (JamesTown, North Carolina)
    2. The Vermont Pigman
    3. Napa Rebobs (Napa Valley California)
    4. Shenango Dog Boy (Mercer, Pennsylvania)
    5. The ghost of Hilbert Road (In Wisconsin)
    6. Dartford cemetery (also in Wisconsin)
    7. The Summerwind Mansion
    8. The Lincoln family haunting the White House
    9. Zombie Civil War soldiers (Brownsville, Texas)
    10. Black eyed kids

  5. The Cuddler, Hooded Figure, Take me Away, Multiple Dark Beings have all visited me many times. I threatened a few of them and they left me alone.

  6. About 2 years ago I used to have sleep paralysis but the figure that always saw was the devil’s head above my head and he would always say “Soon you’ll be mine” and the only way to wake myself was by breathing so loud it would wake me.

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