10 Wars Started For Stupid Reasons

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War – What is it good for?!
Well it turns out in these instances it really is nothing. From buckets, to pastries, and pretty much everything in between, these are 10 Wars Started For Stupid Reasons!

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15 thoughts on “10 Wars Started For Stupid Reasons

    1. You forgot to mention that Kaiser Wilhelm settled the pig war in favor of the US in 1872 in an arbitration settlement

    2. Why *isn’t* the Great Emu War on that list? The Australian military actually *lost* that war against some emus…

    3. Alltime10s you have the wrong subtitles on this video. The sublime seem to be from something to do with America/ Russian geopolitics.

  1. People in a museum: *exist*
    Tour Guide: *This is a bucket*
    People in a museum: *Dear God*
    Tour Guide: *There’s More*
    People in a museum: *No!*

  2. The ww1 was started by damn serbs because of Kingdom of Croatia….the empire should have always been known as AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN-CROATIAN empire! and when the archduke Frantz along side with hungarian king Charles wanted to make Trialism,that is triunion,the serbs would be under Croatian rulership and that is the sole reason they started the WORLD WAR……it is wrong inacurate to say it was Austrian empire…..it was not….

  3. 95% of these wars were a matter of pride.
    The rest were 2 countries looking for any reason whatsoever to go to war.

  4. How do you no it’s stupid. Let’s use our brains maby it’s valuable or had meaning 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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