10 Undeniable Consequences Of Climate Change

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It’s pretty much a 100% scientific consensus that we’re going to face a climate emergency soon. But the effects of that change in climate come in a variety of terrifying ways, some of which you may not expect… here are 10 Undeniable Consequences of Climate Change.

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15 thoughts on “10 Undeniable Consequences Of Climate Change

    1. water, water fresh water. Flooding. Drought…

      migration, more war…. (hopefully not Nuclear)

      (give me a youtube comment in ten years when I am right)

      3 mins no air, 3 days no water, 3 weeks no food.

      Those are typical survival expectations….

      Any catastrophe – water is primary, yet we all bitch about food. Primarily it’s water that is the problem. (can’t feed ppl if you can’t grow anything cos of no water)

    2. @Mente Maestra As a father I feel you, When I was growing up, I had thought the world was in much better hands. Keep the kid in you alive!

  1. This is scary. This is also gonna put a dent in the classic car community. I don’t want the polar ice caps to be too far gone

  2. The number one cause of climate change is the mass production of radioactive waste it pulses heat forever and the cancer along with every other illness imaginable would definitely be one of the most dire effects and remain effective so to speak for 660 million years before becoming inert life is only been on the Rock for 140 million years

  3. I’m not worried about climate change. Its a good thing. Likely result of the endless stupidity of humanity we’ll all die out allowing a truly intelligent species to arise and actually care for the planet instead of fighting and destroying it.

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